Enerkem strives to innovate and develop new products

Enerkem operates two facilities dedicated to innovation in Westbury (Quebec) and Edmonton (Alberta). These centers are at the heart of Enerkem’s integrated R&D strategy: their mission is to develop renewable chemical intermediates, such as alcohols and acrylates, which Enerkem plans to later commercialize.

With its unique technology platform, Enerkem has the ability to expand its product offering beyond methanol and cellulosic ethanol. By converting waste into synthesis gas (“syngas”), and then methanol, Enerkem has two chemical building blocks from which it can produce its current and future products.

In 2018, the chemical engineering expertise at Enerkem’s Innovation Centre in Westbury, Quebec, allowed the company to successfully develop a process that uses its proprietary waste-to-biofuel technology to produce a new biofuel with a Research Octane Number (RON) of up to 112. This is 20 points higher than the average octane rating found in regular motor gasoline.