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Enerkem is leading the new wave in renewable fuels and chemicals.


Enerkem is uniquely positioned to recover the abundant supply of non-recyclable waste to profitably produce second-generation biofuels and green chemicals.  Commercial production of cellulosic ethanol is Enerkem’s primary focus today.  The company is quickly moving towards commercialization with full-scale biofuels plants it will build, own and operate.


A first standard 38 million-litres-per-year (10 million-gallons-per-year) commercial plant is under construction in Edmonton, Canada, and a similar project is under development in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Enerkem also has a pipeline of new commercial projects and growth opportunities in North America.


Enerkem already operates a pilot facility and a demonstration plant in Quebec, Canada.  The company today produces methanol and cellulosic ethanol. It also plans to expand its portfolio of products. How?  The chemical-grade syngas produced by Enerkem can be used to create chemical intermediates that form a wide range of everyday products, such as paints, solvents and coatings for textiles.


As part of its business strategy, Enerkem can also sell its unique technology platform to strategic partners around the world.  With its modular, copy-exact and scalable approach, Enerkem’s systems can be manufactured by third parties as prefabricated and replicable modules.  For Enerkem, it means the ability to rapidly and efficiently capture opportunities, reduce capital costs and manufacture multiple facilities simultaneously. For local communities, it means new jobs, a sustainable alternative to landfill, and clean transportation fuels produced domestically.