Chemical recycling of carbon

Enerkem’s patented technology chemically recycles the biogenic and non-biogenic carbon contained in non-recyclable waste and residues. In less than 5 minutes, our exclusive waste conversion process first transforms this carbon into a pure synthesis gas (also called syngas), which is then converted into biofuels and renewable chemicals, using commercially available catalysts.

The chemical recycling of what would otherwise be wasted carbon represents a sustainable alternative to conventional waste management practices and promotes a circular economy:

   Incineration  Landfilling
Where does the carbon go? Biofuels and chemicals Heat and electricity with smokestack emitting CO2 Flared or electricity – carbon dioxide or methane
Finality Chemical recycling of carbon into methanol, ethanol and other chemicals Waste elimination Waste disposal

Partial oxidation


Catalytic conversion

Mass combustion Landfilling

Enerkem’s waste conversion process also uses non-recyclable municipal solid waste instead of fossil fuels to produce the lowest-cost liquid transportation fuels and chemicals relative to traditional production methods.