A biorefinery with the lowest production costs compared to alternatives

Consider an Enerkem biorefinery as your solution for domestic clean energy and sustainable waste management

Our biorefinery process enables the use of municipal solid waste and other waste residues as unconventional and low-cost feedstocks for the production of biofuels and renewable chemicals. Enerkem’s technology is deployed through an exclusive process that converts non-recyclable waste into a pure synthesis gas (or syngas). This syngas is then converted into biofuels and other widely used chemicals using catalysts. In less than 5 minutes, waste destined to landfill becomes clean transportation fuels or renewable chemicals, which can then be used to form other value-added products. The Enerkem technology is therefore feedstock flexible and multiproduct.

A biorefinery to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy

With Enerkem’s biorefinery process, the carbon contained in mixed waste undergo a chemical recycling to be converted into methanol and ethanol – building blocks for olefins and acrylates. These chemical intermediates can then be used in countless applications. Constantly innovating, Enerkem is also developing chemical processes to “bolt-on” to its current waste-to-chemicals equipment in order to offer a broader range of renewable chemicals and transportation fuels.