Promote a circular economy with clean fuels and chemicals made from waste

Enerkem’s game-changing technology provides a sustainable waste management solution which is complementary to recycling and composting. Our technology uses waste materials normally destined to landfill or incineration, such as textiles, non-recyclable plastics, wood residues, or soiled food containers.

In addition to reducing landfilling and avoiding the creation of new landfill capacity, the use of municipal solid waste as a feedstock for the production of biofuels offers important advantages:

    • It does not compete with food supply;
  • It does not have land use impact;
  • It is already collected via the waste management industry’s existing collection, distribution and logistics infrastructure.

Producing biofuels and renewable chemicals from non-recyclable and non-compostable garbage also respects the waste hierarchy already adopted in several countries.

The waste hierarchy


Transitioning to a circular economy