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Our Proposal

Our Proposal

Technology licensing, core equipment, and specialized services as decarbonization solutions

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Our 3 core pillars

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Unlocking Sustainable Solutions: Enerkem's IP-Rich Technology Portfolio and Licensing Expertise
Technology Licensing

Licensing our patented technology

Technology licensing is our core business. We provide our clients and partners with a license agreement package to build and operate the plant they need. 


Partners we worked with on this project:
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Integrated Plant Design and Specialized Equipment
Specialized Equipment

Proprietary core equipment 

Enerkem designs and oversees the delivery of plant modules for our core process. 

Our proprietary equipment encompasses diverse mechanical components, from solid handling machinery, to pressure vessels, heat exchangers, compressors, pumps and instruments. 

Our modules are meticulously designed, engineered and integrated to guarantee reliable and consistent outcomes. 

Partners we worked with on this project:
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Comprehensive Support Services: Empowering Operational Excellence
Support Services

Support services for operational excellence

As a technology licensor, Enerkem also provides support services, including: 
  • Technical support services during execution 
  • Training services – including tools to help teams safely and effectively drive operations 
  • Ongoing technical services post-performance testing
Partners we worked with on this project:
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Empowering hard-to-abate sectors
to reach their net-zero targets

marine transportation

Marine Transportation

The low-carbon methanol produced through Enerkem's technology can be integrated into marine engines with minimal modifications, making them a readily available and viable solution. By using Enerkem's biofuels, shipping companies can immediately reduce their emissions and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations.



One of Enerkem's technology advantages is its ability to produce sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) from residues. SAFs produced through this process can reduce lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 93% compared to conventional jet fuels.

off grid energy systems

Off-Grid Energy Systems

Enerkem's technology can be used to produce other low-carbon molecules such as dimethyl ether (DME) which is chemically similar to propane and butane. DME can be blended to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to significantly reduce carbon emissions and can be used in existing applications. 



Enerkem's technology can produce circular chemicals from waste materials instead of fossil fuel-based feedstocks. These chemicals can be used as alternatives in various production processes. 

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