Enerkem is proud to sponsor the @ArgusMedia Green Marine Fuels Conference in Rotterdam. If you are attending, please seek out Alex Miles, Matthias Schmidt and Tiago Corvo to find out more about Enerkem’s unique disruptive #cleantech! #environment #cleanenergy #biofuels

Enerkem is proud to be named one of the 10 winners who made the inaugural list of Canada's Sustainability Changemakers 2022, an initiative of @SDTC_TDDC, and to be in such great company!

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👏Thank you to our keynote speakers, @FP_Champagne, @francesdonald, and @betonme for facilitating the important conversations on diversifying sustainable technologies in 🇨🇦 at our Summit! #SDTCSummit2022

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All you need to know about Enerkem and our industry

Biofuels and renewable chemicals from waste

Enerkem’s disruptive technology converts non-recyclable, non-compostable waste into biofuels and other renewable chemicals, with better economics and greater sustainability than other technologies relying on fossil sources.

Enerkem operates a commercial-scale facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well as an innovation centre in Westbury, Quebec, Canada. The company is currently developing several facilities around the world, to facilitate the transition to a circular economy.