.@Enerkem's Alex Miles, Director, Business Development (Europe), will be joining a panel at the @EFWConference to discuss #chemicalrecycling and the #circulareconomy. Register here 👉 https://bit.ly/2GUM9qE

.@Enerkem's Charles Tremblay, VP Project Delivery, has been invited to join a panel this week to discuss ways to advance the #bioeconomy @BioenergyKDF

Turning our trash into energy has been possible for a long time, but has always posed serious environmental drawbacks. Now, companies like @fastox and @enerkem are trying to vaporize our waste, in a process they say is more eco-friendly and economical. https://youtu.be/zm0jslIE1kk

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All you need to know about Enerkem and our industry

Renewable ethanol, methanol and chemicals from waste

Enerkem’s disruptive technology converts non-recyclable, non-compostable waste into renewable ethanol, methanol or other renewable chemicals, with better economics and greater sustainability than other technologies relying on fossil sources.

Enerkem operates a commercial-scale facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as well as an innovation centre in Westbury, Quebec, Canada. The company is currently developing several facilities around the world, to facilitate the transition to a circular economy.