Our renewable chemicals and facilities help transition to a circular economy

Enerkem enables the chemical industry to achieve sustainability by recycling carbon from garbage.

Enerkem’s renewable chemicals are derived from waste instead of petroleum. With its exclusive technology, Enerkem can use waste (i.e. non-recyclable garbage) to produce methanol and other widely used chemicals, at the lowest cost compared to alternatives.

Methanol is a chemical building block for the production of secondary chemicals, such as ethanol, acrylic acid, n-Propanol, olefins, acetic anhydride and n-Butanol, which are then used to form thousands of everyday products. Methanol itself also presents hundreds of commercial and industrial applications such as windshield washer fluid, adhesives, solvents, beverage bottles, and polyester fabrics.

Enerkem currently leverages its flexible technology to develop other renewable chemicals, such as renewable olefins and acrylic acid. The company builds partnerships with global chemical groups to implement production facilities worldwide and jointly develop new products.

Producing renewable chemicals from waste helps accelerate the transition to a circular economy where waste becomes a resource for the production of everyday products.

The global renewable chemicals market should reach approximately USD 102.76 billion by 2022.* Retail consumers are becoming increasingly aware of health and environmental concerns, which translates into a growing demand for greener components or a “cradle to cradle” solution in consumer products. Global consumer goods manufacturers are listening to their customers as they demand greener everyday products. Global chemical groups, in turn, are looking to add renewable alternative chemicals to their hydrocarbon-based product lines to meet the demand of their own customers, the global consumer goods manufacturers!

* Source: Zion Market Research