Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making everyday products greener while offering a sustainable alternative to landfilling, incineration, and other technologies

Enerkem’s patented technology chemically recycles the biogenic and non-biogenic carbon contained in non-recyclable waste and residues. In less than 5 minutes, our exclusive waste conversion process first transforms this carbon into a pure synthesis gas (also called syngas), which is then converted into biofuels and renewable chemicals, using commercially available catalysts.

The chemical recycling of what would otherwise be wasted carbon represents a sustainable alternative to conventional waste management practices and promotes a circular economy:

   Incineration  Landfilling
What is the technology used? Exclusive thermochemical process that converts non-recyclable and non-compostable waste into biofuels and biochemical Incineration process that could generate electricity and heat In some cases, landfills are equipped with a biogas capture system
What is the end result? Carbon contained in waste is recuperated and converted into biofuels — used to fuel our vehicles, or to create greener everyday products Carbon is combusted, generating a small amount of electricity and heat Carbon is lost, as it is buried in the ground
What are the impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)?  The exclusive technology recuperates and recycles carbon thereby avoiding emissions from landfills and incineration plants. GHG and other harmful gases are emitted despite a small amount of electricity and heat can be produced Methane gas is released, a potent GHG

The Enerkem Solution